crafting plastics! studio was founded in 2016 by product designer Vlasta Kubušová and production designer Miroslav Král. The studio is based between Berlin and Bratislava.

Realizing dynamic research and innovation in materials and design, we provide a base for interdisciplinary progress towards enjoyable sustainability and more transparent production. We explore new ways of developing products, from basic craft approach to high-tech machinery. Our pursuit is to be in full control of the lifespan of the product, from its origin – in the form of unrefined material – through the final product until its inevitable decay.

The problems caused by petroleum-based conventional plastics are becoming increasingly evident: high energy/resource consumption and an unmistakable environment pollution and climate change acceleration are no longer to be ignored.

Extensive research into the direction of production and overconsumption directs us towards the idea that biodegradability can unexpectedly solve another problem: the constant quest for novelty, consumption of the latest revolving trends, and the aspirational acquisition that defines the capitalist system as we know it.

Our products could serve this need while NOT creating leftovers, waste, trash and unemployed mass. What if fast production can be ecological and social? What if you can use your product after usage to fertilize plants?

Our studio has been nationally recognized and won several national and international awards such as Forbes 30 under 30 in 2018, Design with added value at Slovak National Prize for Design in 2017, the Art Prize Tatra Banka 2017  and also a Diploma Selection at Designblok Prague 2016 and has been nominated as the best newcomer in German Design Award, and recently the studio was nominated at Beazley Designs of the Year 2019, and in Dezeen Awards 2019 as one of the best Emerging Design Studios.

In crafting plastics! studio we are trying to introduce sustainable products where the team is actively involved in all value-added stages. We emphasize low-key and high-end. By combining craft + technology, fast + slow production methods, we discover the mostly unknown field of bioplastics derived from plants. These, together with compatible technologies, are being explored and possible applications tested.