Breathe In / Breathe Out

BREATHE in BREATHE out - the smell of future materials

The aim of the design research project Breathe IN Breathe OUT is to develop fragrances for bio-based polymer blends to kick-off the yet to come world of responsible consumption.

The sense of smell is the only sense that cannot voluntarily turn off. Scent directly triggers memories but surprisingly it is the most overlooked material property in modern Western culture. Materials currently used in architecture, interior and product design are primarily perceived by visual and haptic properties, olfactory properties are much less prominent. However, scent as such plays a central role in the emotional acceptance of a material and decisively determines its distinctive character.

How to distinguish between natural and synthetic materials? How to incorporate circular economy into our habits and link it to emotions?How would a plastic-free planet smell? 

During Salone del Mobile 2019 at Alcova Sassetti, crafting plastics! studio & Studio Moritz Maria Karl presented their research on the scent of the bioplastic material to create spaces, experiences and demonstrate how much future materials can contribute to our health and perception of materials. Smell offers new aesthetics and opportunities for designing architecture and objects. The installation investigates the emotional connection to different scents as a conscious response to circular economy and next step to transition to fully circular design.

The design research is funded by the Fritz und Trude Fortmann-Stiftung für Baukultur und Materialien.