BreaZea is a modular room divider made from bioplastics that lets you smell Circular Economy. BreaZea smells like maize, the raw material of the biocomposite modules, which helps the consumer to distinguish BreaZea from petrol-based plastics. The modules are made from 100% renewable resources and 100% biodegradable. BreaZea can be combined and reused in various ways. The soft play with light and shadow creates gentle transitions between rooms. BreaZea has been created for the hospitality industry and working and living environments.

Humans still communicate via odorants and pheromones, both conscious and subconscious and yet the sense of smell is our most underrated sense. The design research Breathe IN / Breathe OUT aims is to develop unique scents for bio-based polymer blends that actively work with our brain to help to transition towards a future circular economy. We believe that building a new economy also means to design new sensorial experiences for future generations. 

Materials currently used in architecture, interior and product design are primarily perceived by visual and tactile properties, olfactory properties are much less prominent. However, scent as such plays a central role in the emotional acceptance of a material and decisively determines its distinctive character.

How to distinguish between natural and synthetic materials? 
How to make conscious choices and keep materials in the loop?
How would a plastic-free planet smell?


The current scented modular parts present two smells that convey the lifecycle of bioplastics from the sweet, roasty smell of the processing of the raw material to our interpretation of the smell of decay. 

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Breathe IN / Breathe OUT was  kindly supported by the Fritz and Trude Fortmann-Stiftung für Baukultur und Materialien. This installation is supported by the Slovak Art Council, the Slovak Design Center and the Museum of Applied Arts Vienna.

Breathe IN / Breathe OUT (2018 - 21): craftings plastics! studio and Office MMK
Collaboration (2020): Studio Omer Polak
Scent development (2020-21): scientist Karol Červenčík, Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava