Collection 1


The first product to demonstrate our studio’s ambition is a special series of glasses. CP! glasses are honest; their material and technological origins are directly translated into the design. Their shapes are reduced to their most basic elements, a result that reflects the construction processes used in their creation. Crowdfunding campaign for our eyewear collection starts in October 2017. Sign up for our newsletter to learn more.



“Proof - of - concept” product

Our first mock—ups In CP! project were raincoats and sunglasses. The idea of challenging the material, currently used mainly in the packaging industry, in valuable and tangible products, led us to start with products that everybody knows and are familiar with. One might argue that such products seem so easily produced! However, consider the ergonomy, its day-to-day usage and interaction with various environments, temperatures, materials etc. In our first collection we experienced the material possibilities and tested our new developed products.


This is photocaption


Innovative material

The cp! bioplastic was developed by the team of Prof. Pavel Alexy at Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava. Compared to conventional bioplastics from 100% renewable resources, it performs uniquely well in daily use. We proceed with their research on processing methods and new applications of the material. The eyewear design is completely driven by its material and technology.



Why should BIO always look green?

Research conducted during Master Studies at University of Arts in Berlin became an important source of understanding of consumer behavior towards “bio products”. General opinion about these products persists to be rather biased. They are still considered to be unappealing. Is it possible to trigger a change of heart of wide public? How about bringing a bio product to the market which would be seductive without harming our environment at the same time?



Seemingly lower-grade properties of bioplastics are actually giving us an opportunity to  process them using our original craft methods. The unique visuality - new to bioplastics - is a direct result of the process. We translate these methods into performative demonstrations and workshops where everyone can understand the whole production process.


We make perishableness valuable

Does durability equal quality? Our pursuit is to be in full control of the lifespan of the product, from its origin – in the form of unrefined material - through usage - until its inevitable decay. Even though frames of cp! glasses collection 1 are built from mono-material, they will never dissolve while wearing them. They can degrade in a garden compost. A recommended disposal method would be still industrial composting. They can be as well sent back to us - we recollect and compost them in a proper way or simply make a brand new product out of the same piece of material.



First collection of prototypes has been released in 2016. Prototypes were developed from our unique material mixture of PLA and PHB, pressed into plate and subsequently shaped into desired eyewear frames using milling machine. Our collection has been presented at various design and fashion events including Salone del Mobile, Dutch Design Week, Beirut Design Week, Designblok and Bratislava Design Week. crafting plastics! studio is  where crafting plastics! studio received a main prize for the best design. Our studio is also is an award winner of Designblok Diploma Selection 2016.




Collection 2


Our second collection of ready-to-wear eyewear is about to launch in autumn 2017. The preparation process and the product optimization is in its full swing and we are looking forward to introduce you our final products through crowdfunding campaign. Photo and video editorial will be in direction of Sixth Finger Studio and Evelyn Bencicova. Sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to claim your eyewear for early birds prices.