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100% Biobased Eyewear Fighting Global Warming 

Plastics touch every element of our daily lives. They’re in our bags, shoes, and bottles we use every day. For now, and for longer than we know. The life cycle of conventional plastics is painfully long. Traces of plastics linger for generations in our environment, oceans and even our food.

Our designer frames are forward thinking mono-material made from 100%  renewable resources. Their unique style comes to life when we start prepping our mixtures in the laboratory in Slovakia. We mix a more rigid blend for the frames and a slightly more flexible one for the temples. Speaking of which — our smart hinge design needs no metallic parts to hold the glasses together. Single material ensures our frames are totally biodegradable.

This eyewear won’t outlive you 

The lifespan of our bioplastic eyewear range depends on the wearer. Each pair of frames is strong and stable for as long as is needed. But once they’re no longer serving their purpose, they can eventually be degraded in your compost. Simply put them into industrial compost and they will decompose naturally in fewer than 90 days — without leaving a single harmful trace for the environment behind.

Traditional bioplastics can't withstand high temperatures and are prone to breaking easily. Some companies have responded to this issue by mixing bioplastic with oil-based, not bio, additives. What sets us apart is our innovative, uncompromising approach — we've addressed these issues and managed to create a strong, malleable and durable eyewear with a 100% bio-based material that can withstand temperatures up to 110 degrees. We are confident about the quality of our eyewear. That's why we're offering 100% warranty for life.

Price for a single piece eyewear ranges between 250 to 400 euro. Each pair is customized.
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