Collection 3


Embrace the choice you have 

In order to create a more respectful attitude towards the objects that surround us, we have to strengthen the relationship between the user and the product. As a result, a new series of interior products emerged.

We are consciously giving a chance for the new relationship between the consumer and the bioplastics. Not only by choosing the right product but also by enabling the audience to understand how it is made. To expose the processes along with the opportunity of being part of the research. Plastics as a material category is considered as the cheapest and low valued material. We are used to perceiving that you don´t need to own it as there is so many of it. It is in the back of our minds without us knowing it. The shift in our thinking seems to be impossible with several generations growing up with this ill perception of plastic material. Yet, we believe that the change is within our reach.

We offer customized designs upon requests at