Collection 4


A series of handmade lighting objects is the result of the studio research on the new natural oil-free plastic. The material is made out of 100% raw renewable resources, polymerized from cornstarch and metabolized by microorganisms from used cooking oil. Collection 4 explores new techniques where the plastic material is crafted by hands. Unique shapes along with natural coloring offer a glimpse of the future universe, full of sustainable planets.

Pieces from Collection 4 have emerged as the natural result of bioplastic material potential. It's a playful and light freehand drawing with the material, where the stroke moves follow the melting material's flow. Each piece contains colors from planet Earth. Used dyes have a purely natural origin - plant pigments from flowers and minerals. In the Collection 4, the new aesthetic of sustainable plastic alternative was explored, using high and low tech methods, from laboratory plastic extruder machine to handcrafting.

A unique new generation of the material blend has emerged as a result of a long-term collaboration between crafting plastics! studio and material scientists from the University of Technology in Bratislava and Berlin. Collection 4 is following previous bioplastic eyewear collection that won several international prizes and was questioning the value of the sustainable yet perishable material in the near future.




This collection was launched during Milan Design Week 2018 at Spazio Rossana Orlandi. 

Presentation of this project was financially supported using public funds provided by Slovak Art Council.