Collection 8: Bioplastic diffusors


Scents are linked to our memories, materials are linked to almost to all human activities and the consequences which come along with their use.

In our ongoing work around smell, we want to discover the relationship between the most mysterious sense and the new innovative alternative to the synthetic plastics, which can help us navigate between natural and synthetic. 

Currently, we are spending most of our time at home and therefore we decided to create small objects - 3D printed analog diffusors, made completely from biobased materials.  You can get them together together with one of our two types of essence, created in collaboration with scientist Karol Červenčík. 

Discover the purifying essences evaporating from bioplastic diffusors in your room, in your world, for yourself.

Two sizes of diffussors cubes are available at the moment. Customized sizes possible. Write us to get a catalogue.