CP!S X Walden

During our residency at Schloss Hollenegg for Design most of the time we spent at the big table with a view into the “wilderness”/landscape behind the castle. Looking outside through the arched windows one can see not only the hourly changing colours of the environment, but the change of the weather getting wilder and wilder because of the human actions. The Arch represents the border between two worlds, where the polished meets the raw, safe the wild, tradition meets the innovation, the past and the future, nature as we know it and as we will know it soon.

In this in-between space we decided to join poetic and technological forces to create an immersive but subtle sustainable site-specific installation through which you can look back to nature or the future.

For Walden, we decided to create sizable object combining two natural materials - Nuatan bioplastic sheets, representing a new sustainable generation of plastic, and wood as the locally sourced traditionally sustainable one. No screws, no glue, only traditional wood joinery system ensures the decomposition of both materials about the same time and ensures the circular dimension and durability of the project.

With both materials changing and getting older througrough time, and the translucency of the bioplastic plates in this window, it's changing every day, every hour. By sliding single parts of Nuatan, the viewer uncovers the nature behind or changes the visuals of the window itselves.

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