crafting plastics! at SALONE 2021


On the occasion of Milan Design Week, Supersalone and Fuori Salone 21, crafting plastics! studio is happy to present the latest studio's outcomes and collaboration at 3 venues:

  1 ~  Supersalone/ The Makers show / 5- 10
         Fiera Milano, Rho, Hall 3 /  Booth O22
         in collaboration with Office MMK 

  2 ~ Alcova Milano/ 4 - 12  
        Via Simone Saint Bon 1 / Inganni M1 
        in collaboration mit Lukas Wegwerth

 3 ~ Tabula [non] Rasa / Base Milano / 4 - 12
       via Bergognone 34, Tortona

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1 ~ Makers Show SUPERSALONE 2021 / crafting plastics! studio

BreaZea - an aroma-active modular wall system
by crafting plastics! studio & office MMK


Humans still communicate via odorants and pheromones, both conscious and subconscious and yet the sense of smell is our most underrated sense. Materials currently used in architecture, interior and product design are primarily perceived by visual and tactile properties, olfactory properties are much less prominent. However, scent as such plays a central role in the emotional acceptance of a material and decisively determines its distinctive character.

How to distinguish between natural and synthetic materials? 
How to make conscious choices and keep materials in the loop?
How would a plastic-free planet smell?

BreaZea is a modular room divider that lets you smell Circular Economy.  The modules are made from 100% biobased and biodegradable aroma- active material and can be combined and reused in various ways. BreaZea smels like caramel, sugar &  maiz and it is a recreation of the hidden active aroma ingredients of the used biopolymers. The soft play with light and shadow creates gentle transitions between rooms. It can be applied in hotels, gastronomy offices or homes using various shapes and amounts for creation of different scales.

BreaZea is the first product outcome of the ongoing design research project Breathe IN / Breath OUT. The project aims to develop unique scents for bio-based polymer blends that actively work with our brain to help to transition towards a future circular economy. We believe that building a new economy also means to design new sensorial experiences for future generations. 

About the exhibition.
Please a recent interview about the preject HERE. 



2 ~ ALCOVA  2021 /  crafting plastics! studio & Lukas Wegwerth 

Lukas Wegwerth and Crafting Plastics! Studio present an informal landscape for talks, a space to come together and exchange creatively. This is a collaboration of two studios following their very own principles and approaches to design with a focus on materials, their origin and lifecycles. 

Three+One, a construction system created by Lukas Wegwerth, combines modular connectors and oak beams. The wood is locally sourced in mid-Germany and independently processed in a self-established value chain that starts with the forest owner and covers all intermediate steps from the raw resource to the finished element of the system.

crafting plastics! studio realizes dynamic research in biobased plastics, sparking transdisciplinary collaborations between scientists and designers. Their pursuit is to transform perishable materials into value-added products, by employing high and low technology. They define the entire material's cycle, from unrefined matter to final product until its decomposition in natural C02, water and nutrients.

NUATAN by crafting plastics! is an ecological alternative to synthetic plastic. It is an entirely biobased material solution polymerized from starch and metabolized by microorganisms from sugar. At Alcova, recent developments will be presented, pushing limits by integrating bioplastics into furniture pieces.


About exhibition:  Please find the images here.



3 ~ Tabula [non] Rasa, BASE MILANO/  curated by Studio Traccia

Designed and curated by studio.traccia. this installation connects design and food-waste, as
an initial attempt to discuss a wider issue: the possibility of a Non-Extractive Architecture.
Invited at this table are researchers, designers and companies whose work is currently
exploring new paths towards that direction.


We are Collection 12: Nuatan 3D printed biodegradable vases.

Press release of Tabula Non Rasa.