Our roles have changed: as designers, as artists, as weirdos  - we meet every year to evaluate our past, to enjoy our present and to rethink our future.

De/posium is an open international platform for exchanging knowledge on the current state of design, art, science and on research projects with a strong focus on material, processes, sustainability, democracy, social contexts, and new economic models. The themes are not only referring to the design sector but are also of significant interest for other disciplines. 

De/posium is a process-based project which constantly evolves, changes, brings new actors, cultures, and perspectives in. The aim is to stimulate a debate about transdisciplinary futures, celebrating diversity and respectful co-existence. currently in progress.

The platform was iniciated by Vlasta Kubušová (crafting plastics! studio) and  Marlène Huissoud (Studio Marlène Huissoud) in 2018.


Alice Ossola (IT) Dana Tomečková (SK)  Fernando Laposse (MX/IT) James Shaw (UK) Jorge Penandés (ES) Karl Moritz Maria (DE) Kristen de la Vallière (USA) Lilo Viehweg (DE) Marlène Huissoud (FR) Marina Stanimirovic (DE) Seetal Solanki (UK) Sophie Rowley (NZ/DE) Vlasta Kubušová (SK) Wendy Andreu (FR)
The outcomes of the second edition is now on display at MAK - Museum of Applied Arts in Vienna as part of Human by Design exhibition