London Design Festival 2020 / NUATAN TO GO: Bioplastic Tableware

Nuatan Tableware is a new project by crafting plastics! studio offering a closed-loop system, a bioplastic alternative to single-use tableware. One of the first products from this series is a reusable TO-GO coffee cup. The material is made of 100% renewable resources, completely biodegradable, biocompatible and withstands high temperatures up to 100°C.

Over the last few months, we could see single-use plastic flood our households and restaurants. That led us to think of new ways to reduce the overall waste. In our work, we always focus on the resources as the first step of the designing process. The NUATAN Cup aims to replace the traditional single-use cups in cafes, festivals and markets with a natural alternative that can decompose at the end of its lifecycle.

The cup can last as long as needed for the typical consumer product and at the end of the product life cycle, it can be easily disposed of into (industrial) compost. This way we can effectively fight the single-use culture and lower the waste created in quarantine to a minimum. With its easy application and maintenance, NUATAN Cup can reach a wider audience and make the material innovations approachable in day-to-day life while following the regulations and decreasing the waste of our "take-aways".

Join us online for Designer Talks: What is the future of takeaways? this Friday 15:00.

The NUATAN Cup with the system is in pilot production you can pre-order ir right now. 

We first launched NUATAN in 2018 at LDF as a brand for bioplastics solutions for value added products. By merging circular design approach and material science, we are bringing new innovative materials into our day-to-day life. Our solutions are using 100% biobased material polymerized from corn starch and metabolized by microorganisms.

The unique patented formula developed by team of prof. Alexy of Slovak University of Technology is an ecological alternative to standard synthetic plastic. With increased temperature resistance and food contact certificate, the material is a great choice for reusable tableware.

The second part of our tableware collection consists of designer single-piece plates and boards that can complement your kitchen as each piece is playful in its form and characteristics. Experimenting with different material attributes and the use of mineral or vegetable pigments leads to novel combinations in each piece. As a part of our research, combining low craft techniques with high-tech machinery allows us to explore the material's potential applications and find the best fit for each product. Our experiments widened our scope of work from high-end designer products to daily use consumer goods.

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