The cp!s bioplastics is being developed thanks to long term collaboration with team of prof. Ing. Pavel Alexy, PhD., based at Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava. Our partner has more than 20 years of rich experience with R&D in field of ecological plastics.

cp!s bioplastic belongs to bioplastics advanced materials. The uniqueness of newly developed multicomponent biodegradable material dwells in its origin as it comes from 100% renewable (biobased) raw materials and at the same time in its optimal properties for plastics production utilization. These characteristics represent a competition advantage to others currently available bioplastics.

Specific basic characteristics:

– material based on blending of various components – PHA, PLA and other minor bio based components
– material may be modified in a wide range of properties from very rigid to highly flexible
– material may be processed on standard production lines used for plastics processing

Our collaboration is strongly based on philosophy of no compromises – we are striving to bring the material towards customer in undiluted quality – all the additives including dyes must also come from 100% raw renewable resources and have to be biodegradable. It is the only way how the material will become ready and suitable for a new model of the circular economy.

The high potential of the advanced multicomponent biodegradable material can be implemented by a tailor-made material modifications that will lead to the replacement of conventional plastic production and to the market launch of a new bioplastics products in various application sectors and segment applications.