Seneables - Alcova Miami 2023


At Alcova Miami 2023, we present a collection of innovative interior pieces crafted from biodegradable materials, designed to interact with their surroundings. The showcase features two collections of bioplastic furniture pieces, which are engineered to visualize UV radiation and make the most of the latest fabrication technologies. Additionally, there is a series of 3D-printed vases from Collection 12, and the experimental interior divider Sensbiom 2.1, all produced using the studio’s own signature material, NUATAN®."

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SENSEABLES | UV interactive furniture 

 Senseables collection builds up on the research into environmentally responsive biomaterials, as exemplified by a series of joint Sensbiom installations by crafting plastics! and Dumolab Research. Featured at Alcova Milan earlier this year, this large-scale interactive piece changes color in response to UV radiation, highlighting solar radiation changes in real time and raising awareness about the invisible threats through the materials. Featured 3D-printed bioplastic stools & side tables are the latest collection of interior pieces with fluid, dynamic surfaces that respond to external UVR exposure with a real time color change. The collection transforms the novel interactive biomaterials into functional everyday products.



COLLECTION 13 | sustainable interior objects


Designed for the Alcova Miami show, the series of functional stools was produced using the studio's own signature material NUATAN®, which is 100% biobased and biodegradable. Utilizing advanced 3D printing technology, each stool in this collection features a unique, computationally designed surface structure  demonstrating the potential of bioplastics in furniture design. The stools are not only durable, robust, and stable but also serve as a compelling example of the capabilities of natural plastic materials in creating  long lasting and eco-friendly furniture. Collection 13 offers an experience where technology and nature converge, embodying both functionality and environmental consciousness.



Supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council.