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crafting plastics! studio

crafting plastics! studio brings bioplastics made out of plants to the stage of our day-to-day life. Based in Berlin and Bratislava, we explore new ways of developing products, from basic craft approach to high-tech machinery. Our pursuit is to be in a full control of the lifespan of the product, from its origin – in the form of unrefined material - through the final product until its inevitable decay.


we collaborate

Our work in the crafting plastics! studio is based on a close collaboration with material scientists. Discovery of biodegradable plastics from 100% renewable resources opens up new possibilities and perspectives concerning the materiality of everyday objects. In the cp! studio, we utilize these materials and emphasise primarily the issue of overconsumption. Seemingly lower-grade properties of bioplastics actually enable us to process them using our original craft methods. The unique visuality — new to bioplastics — is a direct result of this process. Through playful exploration of the flexibility of the materials we have discovered new ways of developing products, from using basic craft approaches to employing high-tech machinery in their production.


we experiment

The base of our material is a common biopolymer polylactic acid (PLA), which can be produced from different substrates such as corn starch or sugar beet and its combination with other biopolymers. Aim of crafting plastics! studio is to turn commonly understood perishable materials into a long lasting product. We operate machinery in the science laboratories in the pursuit of optimizing the right coloring and structures and bringing the product to market which is not only 100% sustainable but also visually appealing.


we produce

cp!s collection 1+2 consists of the first ready-to-wear pieces of eyewear. Each piece is a unique result of original research in bioplastics and technology. cp!s eyewear is honest: its material and technological origins are directly translated into design. First collection, proof of the cp!s concept, was created for the users not afraid of exploring the new and the unknown.