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we experiment

Discovery of biodegradable plastics from 100% renewable resources opens up new possibilities and perspectives concerning the materiality of everyday objects. Seemingly lower-grade properties of bioplastics enable us to process them using our original craft methods. The unique visuality — new to bioplastics — is a direct result of this process.

Aim of crafting plastics! studio is to turn commonly understood perishable materials into a long lasting product. We operate machinery in the science laboratories in the pursuit of optimizing the right coloring and structures and bringing the product to market which is not only 100% sustainable, but also visually appealing.

we produce

Our creative process is closely tied with doing the research in bioplastic together with prof. Alexy from Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava. crafting plastics! studio challenges the opinion that this type of bioplastic can be only used for packaging materials and single-use products.

We have found a solution, how to adapt material properties into development of product with longer lifespan, while focusing on the quality user experience and visual appearance. Initially, we demonstrate these material features through fashion products (eyewear), which offers us a base to highlight the issue of overconsumption in the fashion industry and its impact on the environment (2nd most polluting industry in the world, after oil).

we collaborate

We established crafting plastics! studio as an inclusive platform open for collaboration. We believe, that great ideas can be found anywhere. Hence, we are open to inquiries from anyone, whose ideas are aligned with ours in creating a better world through sustainable design. In case, you are interested in our material and you see a perspective in its application for further use, get in touch at